We did not really have to do a lot of preparations for this trip. I tried to make reservations with our Indian guide (Sherman) last December and he just said, "that when the time gets closer we will talk". Most of the "work" was in surfing the web looking for information so we knew what to expect. There is not really a lot of information out there, hence this website.


The preparations were:


  • Change the oil, have extra on hand
  • Change or top off coolent (topped it off)
  • Get sapre alternator belt
  • 2 new tires
  • A can of fix-flat
  • Double check Spare-tire and related jacking tools
  • Camping equipment, first aid kit, knives, sleeping bag, propane stove, etc.
  • Install removable wood sides of truck to function as a camper with tarp over it
  • Get extra 5 gallons of diesel fuel, and extra gallon of gas for assistance and for lantern
  • Basic tools
  • Compass



Squirrel at Rupert River Rest Stop